Real estate Software Solutions

We provide custom real estate software solutions to seamlessly manage workflows and handle structured and unstructured data to nurture new business opportunities. We enable digital innovations to invade all the spheres of modern real estate and reshape it to match the new reality.

Our Services

Real Estate Management Software Solutions

We develop and implement custom real estate management software solutions that automate workflow by seamlessly integrating with CRMs and Multi Listing Service (MLS) platforms. Our solutions help efficiently manage the entire real estate portfolio adhering to the industry best practices.

MLS Software for Real Estate

We build custom Multiple Listing Service (MLS) platforms that provide advanced logic searches by leveraging on APIs from third-party MLS providers such as Redfin, Black Knight, Zollow, Trulia, and Our MLS technology integration helps provide customized listings to agents and brokers.

Property Management Software Solutions

Our powerful property management software solutions incorporate multi-property management UIs, cloud-based architectures, and automation tools. We develop end-to-end property management systems that integrate APIs from platforms such as Rent Manager, Guesty, Propertyware, etc.

RETS Integration Solutions for Real Estate

Our custom RETS (Real Estate Transaction Standard) integration solution enables seamless transfer of real estate data, and provides easier, efficient, and more accurate ways of data management. We develop custom RETS solutions that allow easy communication with different MLS systems.

IDX Integration Solutions

We develop comprehensive IDX (Internet Data Exchange) integration solutions that integrate MLS listings into CRM, email marketing, mobile apps, corporate websites, and more. Our solutions allow real estate companies to monitor all the rules, standards, and policies associated with IDX.

Real Estate CRM Software

Our CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software works not only as a communication tool to foster strong client relationships but also doubles up as a marketing tool for running lead generation campaigns. Our CRM software allows real estate businesses to keep track of their clients’ purchases, sales, and preferences.

Real Estate Agency Software

We offer the right real estate agency software solutions for businesses that help automate the processes, marketing, and contact management activities. At the forefront of real estate agency software technology, our solutions allow for a streamlined approach to manage multiple offices.

Building Management Software

We help elevate businesses with end-to-end cloud-based building management software solutions that allow seamless management of multiple assets and sites. We develop innovative software solutions that facilitate live inventory tracking and the capability to monitor and manage preventive and reactive maintenance.

Vendor Management Software

Our innovative custom vendor management software solutions provide more control over the vendor network and enable efficient management of vendor risk. Our solutions help speed up the vendor assessment process through automation for better decision making, all on a single platform.

Why build a real estate management solution?

Real estate management is a concept that emerged together with the first properties entering the rental market. However, with the advent of new technologies, the capabilities of real estate management are now more expanded than ever.

Today, real estate companies use software to connect property managers and customers in brand-new ways that make the lives of both parties much easier. Such tools incorporate the same technologies that are used in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems. CRM systems used for real estate management allow offering tenants a high level of customer service, which is important to building long-term relationships. 

Cutting-edge real estate businesses use software to gain better control over their residential and commercial properties. Whether it’s commercial or residential properties, this type of solution simplifies the process of property management maintenance, allows creating virtual tours that attract more customers, and increases the security and privacy of customer data. All in all, real estate software solutions help both businesses and customers to enjoy a greater experience.

Our team knows how to build real estate management tools but also has experience in accounting and broker solutions that come in handy to real estate professionals. We develop mobile applications that offer more efficient management in buying or selling assets.

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